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I believe in using positive reinforcement training to produce the best possible training results.  Leverage positive reinforcement to create positive associations between you, your dog, and training, today!

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South Garland Branch Library

December 13, 2019 1:00 am

South Garland Branch Library

November 15, 2019 1:00 am

South Garland Branch Library

October 11, 2019 12:00 am
Amanda Posing the Rhetorical Question on Where All These Breeds Came From

South Garland Branch Library

September 6, 2019 12:00 am
Denzel being a good boy while Amanda talks

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Positive Reinforcement Dog Training, Walking, and Pet Sitting

Miranda Zabaneh
Miranda ZabanehKaden
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I am close friends with Amanda. When I needed to leave the country for 3 months and I couldn't take my dog with me, I was devastated. Amanda took care of Kaden (a 50lb American Staffordshire Terrier) the whole time I was away. I wouldn't have trusted anyone else with my baby, and Kaden loves her! Amanda was absolutely the best option for my pitbull baby. I would never leave her with anyone else ❤
Ashleigh Castillo
Ashleigh CastilloKip
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We just had our first session with Amanda and it was great. We adopted a 2 year old Bull Terrier who has some socialization issues and i had no idea how to tackle that but Amanda offered great insight and advice! We are going to follow her regime and meet with Amanda for the weeks to come! I am so excited to learn how to be a better owner and watch our furbaby become the best version of herself!
Lykinda Cross
Lykinda CrossThe Baby Bullies
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I volunteer with her, transport with her and she trains for me. My daughter’s ESA dog is happily adjusted and functioning in the college setting due in great part to the time spent training with Amanda to make her tune into the additional responsibilities that role requires. She begins next week with The Baby Bullies and hopefully can help me crack the next level with our wilding.
Terrie Kieper
Terrie KieperVolunteer
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Amanda has done AWESOME work with a majority of "behavior" issue dogs at Garland Animal Shelter. I would highly recommend her for you dog's training needs!!
Dustin Becker
Dustin BeckerMoxie
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I work two jobs so I'm not home much during the week, so Amanda drives all the way to my apartment to watch, play with,and train my big ol pupper, and I've noticed since she's started that Moxie has been improving in her behavior and I even get pictures and videos of her being a good gurl. 5/5 would recommend
Laura May
Laura MayButterscotch
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Amanda Fedric is one of the most caring people I know. She has a huge heart and is excellent with animals. She recently cared for our pets while we were out of town. Our dog developed a medical emergency during our trip (completely unrelated to care, Amanda did an awesome job). Not only did Amanda recognize and attend to the problem, she found an excellent vet that was affordable, drove a further distance for quality treatment and stayed with Butterscotch until 1am to make sure that she was ok. I am so thankful that Amanda was there, I do not have much experience with dogs and likely would not have caught the issue as quickly as she did. We highly recommend Amanda for training and pet care.

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