Let’s Talk About Teeth

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Let's Talk About Teeth 1

At approximately 4 months of age, most puppies begin to lose their puppy teeth as their adult set push their way out. Just like for human children, this can be very uncomfortable and increases the urge to chew to ease their discomfort. Sometimes these urges can lead to the destruction of some of our favorite things!

Let's Talk About Teeth 2
Chewing behaviors have a cause!

But chewing is an important part of a dog’s life. It works as a stress reliever and is driven by behavioral instinct. It can help keep their teeth clean as well. It’s important that we understand that dogs LOVE to chew! It’s a healthy and fun activity and should be encouraged appropriately.

We like to provide a variety of things to chew on in order to give our dogs appropriate chew toys. We use sticks, ice cubes, carrots, bones, dental chews, cardboard boxes, and other assorted stuffed silicone toys that are made for teething puppies going through this stage of their lives. We also use scented toys that provide additional enrichment. ?

Let's Talk About Teeth 3
Clean those teeth!

Yearly dental cleanings are also advisable, as dental disease can lead to cardiac disease and general pain. There a lot of useful products that help keep your pet’s teeth clean. Dental Chews, Toothpaste, and Water Additives are just a few of the products on the market for canine dental care. Talk to your vet about what products might be best for you and your pet!

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Do what it says!

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