Puppy Potty Training

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I am so happy to announce the Official launch of my first course on the Pet Owners Academy, Puppy Potty Training! The Pet Owners Academy is an online pet educational system that hosts educational content from accredited pet professionals, (like me!) and makes that content available to pet owners, like you! I have thoughtfully crafted this course to cover the basics of Potty Training puppies. I’ve also added a lot of supplemental information that will help you experience success even faster. I’m very excited to open this educational course through this platform! Please check out this course and consider taking it to be prepared for your upcoming puppy addition! I have more courses in the works, and am working hard to make it accessible to everyone!

In addition to my own training content, I am beyond thrilled to be working closely with the amazing people at Garland Animal Services to help build a virtual training course structure for their volunteers! As they move into their new shelter building this year, we hope to establish a shiny new educational program that prepares volunteers for their work, and makes the experience of volunteering at Garland Animal Services an amazing one! This year they have developed a new and improved Animal Cruelty Unit, implemented new ordinances to assist the community, have adopted a new behavior modification program for shelter dogs and cats with “issues,” and are diving head-first into the community with educational events! I am excited to see what the rest of the year will bring as we get closer to move-in and construction is completed!

Stay tuned for more updates about my continuing volunteer work with Garland Animal Services and for more information as I open new courses through the Pet Owners Academy!


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