Virtual Dog Training Courses

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Virtual Dog Training Courses 1
A graphic showing an animated zoom screen with varying different participants and their dogs. At the top of the image are the words “Virtual Dog Training,” in the lower lefthand corner the words “Coming Soon,” and in the lower righthand corner the words “June 2021”

Beginning June 1st, Amanda Fedric Dog Training will begin group Virtual Training Classes!  At first these classes will be targeted towards new puppy owners and those looking for basic obedience whose dogs might otherwise not thrive in a group environment. My goal is to be able to expand these classes from simple group obedience to educational courses and customized downloadable content!  Currently we don’t have many local trainers with a strong digital presence, and I would like to help fill that gap.  There is a LOT of erroneous training information online, and I want to contribute to the amount of good, solid, training information and advice that is available to owners nationwide.

Virtual Dog Training Courses 2

This will mean that some in-person services will be put on hold temporarily.  I am a one-person operation and (mighty though I may be), I want to be able to dedicate appropriate time to something I feel strongly led to do for my business.  As of June 1st Amanda Fedric Dog Training will temporarily suspend it’s boarding and board-and-train services.  This will allow time for a few exciting things to happen!

Virtual Dog Training Courses 3

Virtual Training will be happening through Zoom at regular weekly times to be announced in the next couple of weeks.  This will allow some time for online registration before we get started in June!  The support from my clients and family has been astounding, and I am so thrilled to be making this transition to help Amanda Fedric Dog Training stand out against other trainers in our area as a source of insight, education, and ethical training advice. Stay tuned for more updates about dates and times!

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